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Viticision is comprised of a team who are implementing techniques
developed and tested over the last 25 years by Chief Scientist and company
founder Dr. Stuart Weiss.
Dr. Stuart B. Weiss, Chief Scientist & Founder
PhD Ecology and Evolution: Stanford University  

A prominent environmental scientist for more than 25
years, with a focus on ecological effects of
microclimate, weather, and global warming.  

He has been working with leading climatologists and  
plant physiologists since 2000.  He has performed
viticulture consulting and contributed professional
presentations at the American (2002-2004) and
(2006) conferences.
Carrie-Anne Kunkel, Client Development
BS International Business: S.F. State University

Carrie-Anne is responsible for marketing and client
relations. She is a California native trained in
cross-cultural management, business strategy, and

She joined the Viticision team because of her interest
in the art and science of fine wine
and the company's fresh approach to vineyard
management around the world.
Ty Freiberg, Operations & Development
BA Interpersonal and Organizational
Communication: CSU Long Beach

Ty brings 17 years of operations and consulting
expertise in Information Technology and Business
Development. His areas of specialization include
virtualization, network design, web development,
business continuity, strategic planning and process

His passion for technology and fine food steered him
to work with Viticision to apply precision viticulture to
the global wine industry.
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